Submitting Assignments

Instructions for Submitting Assignments

Most assignments require that you have a word processing application. Both Microsoft Word and Rich-Text Format (RTF) formatted assignments are available. RTF is ideal for word-processing programs that can't read Microsoft Word documents. If you do not have a word-processing program, such as Microsoft Word, it is recommended that you download OpenOffice, a free download that includes programs similar to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel,

For most of the assignments in this course, you will be downloading and uploading documents within the course. Below are instructions and tips to help you with folder set up, downloading, and uploading assignments. (Note that the images below are from a Windows-based computer. Though a Mac or other computer may look slightly different than the images shown, the process is similar.)

If you are using Google Docs or an iPad to complete your assignments, you can find additional instructions here.

Folder Set Up

Before you begin the course, it would be helpful for you to set up a folder on your computer where you can save all of your assignments. If you are going to be using multiple computers, you will want to be sure to save your assignments to a external media device (such as an SD card or USB drive).

To set up a folder on your computer, find the location you want the folder to be. Either your "Documents" folder or Desktop are ideal locations. When you are in the desired location, right click, select "New", then select "Folder". You will then be given a new folder that you can rename. Use the name of the class or something similar to help you identify the folder.

New Folder

Saving Assignments

You will need to have a word-processing application on your computer, such as Word or Open Office, in order to complete your assignment. See the Technical Requirements page for more information.

1. Click on the assignment link in the course to open the document. It should open in your default word-processing application.


2. Save the document by selecting "File" in the top left menu, then "Save As."

Word File

Word Save As

3. Browse to the designated class folder you have previously set up on your computer or external drive. Use the requested naming convention: firstinitial_lastname_assignment#_#. Click "Save."

Save As

4. Complete your assignment. When your assignment is finished, save it again by clicking on "File" and "Save." Note: It may be a good idea to save frequently while you are completing your assignment so you don't lose any work.

Word File

Word Save

Uploading Your Assignment

After completing and saving your assignment, log into the course and browse to the assignment submission page. Click on the button that says "Upload" or "Browse". Then browse for the file on your computer or external drive. When you have found the folder and assignment, select the assignment and hit "Open" in the dialog box. Then press the "Upload" or "Save" button in the course to upload your assignment.